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Eyeshadow Base - FEL001

Eyeshadow Base - FEL001

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Long wearing- Increases brilliance, longevity, and intensity of eye make-up- Ultra-smooth finish

FREE Shipping on all orders anywhere in India


Daily Life Forever52 Eyeshadow Base gives ultra-smooth silky texture to create perfect a smooth canvas for you to blink fabulously. The Eye Shadow base increases its durability and prevents fallout. To create depth, dimension and drama use our Eye Shadow Base in black to effortlessly increase shadow payoff. It makes your eyelids smoother and brighter. It intensifies the color of the eyeshadow, Daily Life Forever52 Eyeshadow Base makes them easy to apply. Ensures fast and ideal make-up all day long.


  • Intensifies any shade of eye shadow.
  • Helps Eyeshadow last longer.
  • Provides a smooth base for your eyeshadow
  • Intensifies the color of the eyeshadow

How to use

  • Apply and blend all over the eyelid area
  • Allow the product to set and then apply any eyeshadow.